KMC Missing Link

Cleaning is an important part of keeping your bike working well, but it also might be the most boring part of it. Especially the chain which can be a bit of a hasle to clean and maintain. A KMC Missing Link chain link will save you a lot of trouble. The Missing Link is, as […]

Ass saver in black

The ass saver is as genius as it is easy. It’s a mudguard, but not the regular type that is positioned close over your wheels. The ass saver is a piece of plastic that is made to fit under your seat. It will prevent the unmistakable brown line up your shirt on those wet days. […]

Why not measure your own fat percent? With this cheap device you can do just that: In the mail I received the caliper and a chart with directions on how to measure your fat percentage: You can also plug in your measurements here and get your fat percentage. Get it here: Fat Caliper

My own cleats where starting to show signs of wear and tear, so I bought some new ones from China. The pictures below shows what the product page said I ordered and what I actually received: As you can see what I got looked just like the product picture. I also compared it with my […]