Bike pads V-brakes

Your brakes might be the most important part on your bike, and it’s super important to keep them in top shape. Part of the brakes are the brakes pads. The pads are the contact point between the breaks and the surface on your wheel that you brake against, and the clue here is that the […]

Bike bar tape

The handlebar tape on your road bike will get worn over time or you might have to remove it when accessing the gear and break cables underneath. Maybe you just want to give your bike a new fresh and clean look. Either way you will want to get some new tape for your handlebars. Heres […]

Bike chain

One of the most importante parts on your bike is the chain. It is the link between the power in your legs and the drivetrain. Therefor it will stretch over time and needs to be changed now and then. Luckily a new chain doesn’t cost a lot, and by changing it frequently you will increase […]

In this post I will provide you with information on how to remove your cassette and show you which tools to use. Reasons to remove it can be that it needs a thorough clean or because it is worn out and you need to exchange it. If you are going to change the cassette it […]