Stylish Bar End Plugs

bar end plugs

There are not to many ways that you can give your bike a personal look cheaply. In an earlier post I wrote about how to apply new handlebar tape. Another way to add some personality to your bike is to buy a pair of custom bar end plugs to your road bike.

A bar and plug is the plugs that you have on the end of your handlebars. It’s sole purpose is to tuck in the ends of the handlebar tape neatly inside the handlebar tubs. It is not hard to make a plug doing this easy task, so there’s a lot of room for the producers to make special looking bar end plugs.

I will in this post present some regular plugs, some plugs which might have just your or your bikes color and some more quirky looking plugs.

The regular end plugs

The bar end plugs that comes with your bike or with the extra tape you put on your handlebars are mostly fairly standard looking. Often black or silver with the logo of the company producing them:

The colourful end plugs

As I wrote when addressing handlebar tape the bare end plugs can be bought to match other parts of your bike. You might want to match the plugs with your tape, maybe you want them to go with the frame, saddle colour or maybe you have coloured tires that will look cool with matching end plugs? Here’s a selection:

The fun and different plugs

There are also plugs that for sure will make your bike stand out. Some by their coolness, some others are everything else than cool. Here are some:

That’s a few ideas for your bike. Leave a comment and let us know if you have other cool, fun or just awesome plugs on your bike.

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