Sports Bars for Cyclist

high5 caramel bar

Have you ever felt that you are left with no energy when you are out on your big weekend ride? When the only thing you think about is food. You need food. Fast! This is an annoying feeling and often leeds to a shorter ride than you planed. High5 sports barsMy tip is to always bring food on your ride. Even the shorter ones. I find that the easiest solution is to always have a sports bar or two in my back pocket. I don’t always eat one, but it is always there in case I need it. The great thing with these bars is that it takes forever before they go bad. Therefor I buy packs of them and keep them at home. Easy to grab on my way out to a ride! There are tons of different bars with a flavour for everyone.

My favourites are the bars from High5 and PowerBar. The High5’s I usually buy from Wiggle. The High5 Sports Bars tastes the best (both Caramel and Berry). Get the Energy Bars if you want a little more calories from your bar.

The bars from PowerBar is easiest bought at Amazon. You can find their hole assortment here. They come in a lot of different flavours. Find the one that fits your tastebuds.

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