It might happen that the cleats on your cycling shoes gets worn out. They are replaceable! Signs of them being worn out might be that they get looser, they doesn’t fit tightly into your pedals anymore or, like in my case, you might loose the more softer plastic underneath the cleats. Either way you might […]

In this post I will provide you with information on how to remove your cassette and show you which tools to use. Reasons to remove it can be that it needs a thorough clean or because it is worn out and you need to exchange it. If you are going to change the cassette it […]

Why not measure your own fat percent? With this cheap device you can do just that: In the mail I received the caliper and a chart with directions on how to measure your fat percentage: You can also plug in your measurements here and get your fat percentage. Get it here: Fat Caliper

I have had a lot of glasses that I’ve used for sports. Their common fate has sadly been that I either misplace them or just simply destroy them due to not being careful enough. Therefor I figured I would give some cheap glasses a try and ordered the Carshiro T9559 shown below. Mine cost only […]

My own cleats where starting to show signs of wear and tear, so I bought some new ones from China. The pictures below shows what the product page said I ordered and what I actually received: As you can see what I got looked just like the product picture. I also compared it with my […]