Missing Link – Bike chains made easier

KMC Missing Link

Cleaning is an important part of keeping your bike working well, but it also might be the most boring part of it. Especially the chain which can be a bit of a hasle to clean and maintain. A KMC Missing Link chain link will save you a lot of trouble.

The Missing Link is, as the name implies, a link special link for your bike chain. The concept with this link is to exchange one of the regular links in your bike chain with this special one. The link is made so that it can be opened and closed as often as you’ll like. By installing it you are setting yourself up to have an easy time giving the chain that deep clean it needs. Open the link and put it in a bucket together with your preferred degreaser. The result is a chain almost as clean as when you bought it.

KMC Missing Link PlierThe installation can be done at the same time as your chain change, but it is not necessary wit a fresh chain. To install it you just remove one of the regular chain links from your chain with a chain removal tool, connect the chain again by using your special Missing Link and then snap it into place. To snap it into place it is sold a special plier from KMC that is made to make the installation easier for you, but it is not necessarily. I myself have just used a regular thin plier, which worked just fine. Alternatively you can do it without tools as this guy does.

To open up your chain again you do the opposite. Locate the Missing Link on your chain and use the same plier to squeeze the link so that it “shortens”. The link can then be taken off and you can easily wash your chain.

There are a few options depending on your type of chain. Pick a 9-speed Missing Link if you have nine chainrings on your back wheel, a 10-speed if you have ten chain rings and so on. You can pick up some links at Amazon, Chain Reaction or cheap from China with Aliexpress if you prefer that.

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