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Magicshine bike lamp

Last winter I found myself in need of some lights for my late night bike rides in the forrest after dark. I did a lot of research and ended up buying two lamps from Magicshine. My experience with them are great so I’m now sharing it with you now.

Yes, I bought two. Being used to using head lamps I know that a headlamp in the dark often feels like being in a tunnel only lit up forward. By adding an extra light source I’m getting rid of this feeling. By doing so I also extend the battery life of the lamps because I can run both on lower intensity. My set up is to have my lamp with the most lumen on my handlebar and a second lamp on top of my helmet.

Magicshine MJ-808Magicshine MJ-818Magicshine MJ-880

Magicshine has a few models (listed below). The major difference between them are the amount of lumen (light strength) and the price. All the lamps below come with the same equipment; A battery, a charger, an extension cord and straps for mounting it on your bikes handlebar.

The lamps also have a smal light at the back to indicate how much battery is left on the battery. From green indicating full battery to red indicating that you’re soon out of power.

It’s also worth mentioning that the lamp is water proof, in case the rain starts pouring down during your ride.

ItemLight strengthPrice
MagicShine MJ-808900 lumen$91
MagicShine MJ-818Doesn’t say$63
MagicShine MJ-8721600 lumen$130
MagicShine MJ-8801720 lumen$185
MagicShine MJ-8161400 lumen$128

Here’s also some extra equipment that you can consider.

MagicShine Headlamp Strap$5
MagicShine bike helmet mount$5
Extra extension cord$3

Make sure to check what power adapter you need and remember to buy a converter if needed.

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