Handlebar tape

Bike bar tape

The handlebar tape on your road bike will get worn over time or you might have to remove it when accessing the gear and break cables underneath. Maybe you just want to give your bike a new fresh and clean look. Either way you will want to get some new tape for your handlebars. Heres two ways that you to chose the style and colour of your new tape:

You can match the handlebar tape with your saddle

Yellow frame and yellow tape

Or you can match the tape with the colour of your bikes frame

Handlebar tapes

As you can see handlebar tape comes in almost all colours and a lot of different textures, so it should be easy to find the one that fit your bike perfectly. To finish off your tape you will also need some plugs. You might reuse the ones ou take off, but a lot of tapes also comes with matching plugs. Just look at the pictures of your desired tape and it will show the plugs if that is provided with the tape.

Check out this video for a thoroughly explanation on how to change the tape:

If you just want a cheap one you should look at this grey one at Wiggle for only a couple of bucks. For a more well know tape used by pros you can check out the ones from Fizik. If look is the thing that matter the most you should use the colour selector on one of these sites:

Chain Reaction Cycles Wiggle

You can also check out Amazon if that is easier for you. Good luck!