Cycling shoe cleats

Pedals and cleats

It might happen that the cleats on your cycling shoes gets worn out. They are replaceable! Signs of them being worn out might be that they get looser, they doesn’t fit tightly into your pedals anymore or, like in my case, you might loose the more softer plastic underneath the cleats. Either way you might want to take the old cleats of and replace them with some new ones. In the right hand picture you can see the main types of click pedals and their cleats. The table underneath will list the different cleat and some places to buy them starting with the cleats in the upper left corner.

I have earlier written about the SH11s I bought from AliExpress. You can find that article here.

Cleat systemAliExpressAmazonChain reaction cycles
Shimano SH11 (Road)$14$19£12
Shimano SH56 (MTB)$11$13£9
Look Keo$16$15£11
Speedplay zero$78$40£30

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