Carshiro T9959 review – Cheap Polarized Sports Sunglasses

I have had a lot of glasses that I’ve used for sports. Their common fate has sadly been that I either misplace them or just simply destroy them due to not being careful enough. Therefor I figured I would give some cheap glasses a try and ordered the Carshiro T9559 shown below. Mine cost only $15, so I was a little skeptic. Read on to see what I received and how they are compared to a pair of a more well known and more expensive sports sunglass brand.

Store pic glasses

Store picture

Store pic all

Store picture

As you can see from the product pictures they look a loot like the Oakley Radar Path Lock glasses. Just without the Oakley O on the side. If you start looking at more of these cheaper polarized sunglasses you will see that a lot of them look a lot alike the major brands more popular choices.

Here’s a picture i took after receiving the glasses in the mail:
Carshiro sunglasses

As you see the sunglasses looks just liked in the product picture above. It came with all the parts promised: The glasses itself, five changeable lenses (clear, yellow, lighter sunglass, darker sunglass and a pair of sunglasses that blocks others from seeing your eyes), a cleaning cloth, a screwdriver for glasses, a secure strap, a soft case and a hard case.

I’ve been using the glasses a lot lately for both skiing and cycling, and I really like them! They fit firmly around my head and I have no problem wearing them over my helmet straps. I havn’t experienced any fog problem. It just works as good as any other glasses during activity for a great price. Therefor a few of my friend now are awaiting a pair for their own. If you want some cheap sport sunglasses buy these!

The glasses come in a lot of different colors. Check them all out here. The glasses costing around $15 comes with the extra lenses while the $10 ones only have the one regular lens.

It might be that you want a pair of sports glasses in this price range, but don’t like the particular model I have reviewed here. That’s ok, just check at this link and you’ll see hundreds of different models within the same type of glasses. Here everyone should be able to find some of their liking.

UPDATE: Since I wrote this post I’ve used these glasses on most of my rides and skiing trips. Still happy whit them. I also recently took a big tumble where I went glasses first down in the snow at high speed. It was a hard impact on the glasses, but they still looks the same. Awesome!

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