Cassette maintenance

In this post I will provide you with information on how to remove your cassette and show you which tools to use. Reasons to remove it can be that it needs a thorough clean or because it is worn out and you need to exchange it. If you are going to change the cassette it usually is best to also change the chain since they wear on each other. First you’ll find a Youtube video showing you how to do it and under I’ll provide you with the parts you need.

For removing the cassette you will both need a chain whip and a lockring for the casette. Note that a lot of the lockrings also needs an wrench to hold it (which you probably have somewhere):

ItemDealExtremeAmazonChain reaction cyclesWeight
Chain Whip$14$8£6N/A
Cassette lockring$7$7£7N/A

If you also want to change the cassette you need to know what kind fits your bike. This is easiest done by counting the number of chain rings on your old cassette. The number of rings equals to the x-speed cassette you need. Let’s say your old one have 10 rings. Then you will need a 10-speed cassette. Bevare that you have tons of weight options as well when it comes to weight and gear ratio. In general you pay for what you get. The higher cost the lower weight. If you end up changing your cassette you should really consider also changing your chain. Under you can find some cassette examples:

ItemDealExtremeAmazonChain reaction cyclesWeight
8-speed$20$19£7323 grams
9-speed$29£9270 grams
10-speed$40£18360 grams
11-speed$50£22320 grams

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