Best Bike Storage Ideas

Bike storage ideas

Yes, you love your bike, but where and how should you store it? It’s not a great solution to just leave it in a corner. That way it takes up more space than necessary and it it makes your storage room look messy. In this article I’ll present to you a couple of ideas on how to store your bike both conveniently and with style. I will focus on both garage bike storage solutions and more stylish ways that you can use to store it inside. A cool bike makes a great pieces in your living room! Outdoor storage will have to go in a later post.

Bike storing solutions for your garage

The most obvious place to store your bike is probably your garage (if you have one). I’ve previously written about how to make the garage into a bike workshop, and with proper storage the workshop will be complete. Since a garage is more rough in general these ideas will tend to be more on the functional side and also a little cheaper:

Floor Stands

Garage Bike Stand
The easiest way to store a bike is on the floor and for that you should look into Floor Stands. They are easy to assemble, doesn’t take up a lot of space and just works. These stands both come as single stand, double stands and stands for multiple bikes. Depending on the space available and the amount of bike you have you can choose accordingly. Put the stand on the floor, place one of your bike wheels in it and you can leave the bike like that.


Hoist your bike up

Bike Hoist SystemA Bike Hoist is a system where you with pulleys and latches lift your bike up into the ceiling of your garage. This is the perfect utilization of space for everyone with a high ceiling in their garage. Out of sight, out of mind. Until your next ride!

Your typical installation of a hoist system is to fasten two hoist anchors onto the roof. One approximately over each bike wheel. These two anchors have each, as the picture to the left shows, a pulley where the hoist cable goes through. On this cable you have two additional pulleys with hooks on. The cable end that you can see to the right in the picture then goes down to a anchor point on a wall or similar. You can then loosen the cable from this wall anchor, lower down the hooks and hook your bike in the handlebar and in the saddle. When you now tighten up the cable the bike will be lifted up towards the ceiling. Fasten the cable to the wall anchor and you’re set.

Wall Hooks

Lastly I’ll mention the easiest (and maybe most obvious)Bike Hook Horizontally solution. Buy a big sturdy wall hook(s)and screw it into the wall. The hook should preferably have some type of softer coating so that it won’t damage your rims. Remember to install the hook high enough so that it is space to hang the bike vertically underneath. By installing it just so that the bike can touch the ground you will remove a lot of the weight the hook needs to carry. Important if the wall is not of concrete or similar. This type of hook is shown to the right.

Bike Hook VerticallyThe other type of wall hook is shown to the left. This one let’s you put your bike a little more on display by hanging it up vertically. This doesn’t use as much space out into the room, but occupies more wall space.

That’s the main ways of storing your bike in your garage. Which one suits you the best?

Indoor bike storage ideas

To store your bike in your living room might not be for everyone, but your bike can be a cool part of the room if stored right. Here’s some great pieces of indoor bike storage:

More wall hangers

Yes, hanging your bike onto the wall is a space effective way of storing it, but does it have to look bad? Some neat looking hangers are sold:

The CLUG is the product of a Kickstarter campaign some years ago. CLUG wall hangerIt set out to produce a minimalist bike wall mount and did a great job. It hugs around your wheel and looks neat. Cheap as well, only about $25.

CyclocNext up is the Cycloc, a combined wall hanger and shelf. Looks neat, but the price of $150 makes it a no go for a lot of people.

The last wall hanger is for vertical storage and is called Racor PIW-1R
. RacorThis hook is super solid and looks decent. So decent that I after a lot of research ended up buying two of these myself a couple of years ago. These are the type of item that last forever. It also looks nice in my living room! Only $8.

Other indoor solutions

I haven’t been able to find to many more ideas for you regarding indoor storage that are selling online. A lot of the fancy solutions you can find around the web is all custom made. Try make some yourself. Here’s some great ideas. Hopefully this post gave you some great ideas on how to store your bike. Make sure to drop a comment telling us how you store your bike!

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