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Most serious bicyclists with care for his or her own bike want’s their own workshop. A workshop dedicated to keeping your bikes in perfectly working condition. In this post I will give you some tips on what such a workshop should have and how to make the most of it.

Park Tool bike standFirst of all you should invest in a repair stand. This device will help lift your bike off the ground for easier access. This is especially important if your are working with gears as you can pedal, shift gears and so on, all while the bike are sitting there stable and easy accessible. Below you can find some different stands. How much you want to put into it is up to you, but remember that the repair stand is the hearth of your workshop.

ItemAmazonChain Reaction Cycling
The expensive one from Park Tool$166£103
The well reviewed$90 from Venzo£62 from X-Tools
The budget one$25 from Confidence£39 from X-Tools

tool boxThe next thing you should consider is buying a tool set. There is nothing so irritating than working on your bike just to realize that you don’t have that specific tool that you need. With a extensive tool set you will not have this problem! Of course you can start out buying just the specific tools you need each time you plan to do work on your bike, but as your toolbox grows it gets unorganised and you end up buying an the set you should have bought in the first place. If you decide going the one tool at a time way you can look up these posts: Chain and cassette tools.

ItemAmazonChain Reaction Cycling
The expensive one from Park Tool$250£206
The well reviewed set$50 from Bikehand£48 from X-Tools
The budget set$37 from Bikehand£31 from X-Tools

Lastly I’ve added some more ideas on what to equip your workshop with. Good luck!

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