Ass saver – not as dirty as it sounds

Ass saver in black

The ass saver is as genius as it is easy. It’s a mudguard, but not the regular type that is positioned close over your wheels. The ass saver is a piece of plastic that is made to fit under your seat. It will prevent the unmistakable brown line up your shirt on those wet days. One less excuse for staying inside when the rain are pouring down? Watch the video at the bottom if your not convinced yet!

To install the Ass saver you bend it a little so that the center is just a little higher than the sides of it. That way the water being cast up by your wheel will not splash up around you. After that you take the side with the hole in it and stick it in under your seat. The correct way to do it will depend on your seat and how it is formed. In my experience you might have to cut away just a little plastic so that it doesn’t also stick out on the front sides of your seat. It is also important that it is tight and don’t wiggle around. The Ass saver might be cheap, but you still don’t want it to drop of in the middle of your ride.

Ass saver installed ass saver rainbow

The Ass Saver comes in a lot of different colours. Try matching it with your bike frames colours, or maybe have them match your seat and handlebar tape.

You can buy the original ass saver at both Amazon and Wiggle. If you want the not so original cheaper version you can buy packs of savers from China. Here are some cheap and some even cheaper Ass savers.

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